More and more every organization, regardless of their activity, size or geographic location, must meet a greater number of environmental requirements imposed by the administration, customers and society in general. Therefore, it is essential to use tools that integrate the environment into the overall management of the company.

The implementation of an Environmental Management System according to the UNE -EN ISO 14001 has given ADEX the ability to systematize and simplify the environmental issues that are generated in each of the activities taking place in our organization, as well as promote environmental protection and prevention of pollution.

The clay and other components used in the body of our tiles are sourced from our native country of Spain, and our wet scrap clay is reconstituted back into useable production materials again. The glazes we use are 100% lead free* and non-toxic. All the waste generated, both water and glaze, is treated and recycled back into our manufacturing process. Our factory utilizes a dust collection system, resulting in healthier air for our employees. And our cartons are made from 100% recycled materials and printed with ecological inks. Moreover, we continually strive to bring more energy ef cient machines and processes into the production of our products.

Commitment to continuous improvement of the environment is and will be a mainstay for ADEX USA.